First Pages


A 17 year old science prodigy & martial artist must navigate the tightrope between organized crime & corrupt politics to keep her family alive. 

Galactic Cop: MK

In 2152 a rookie cop journeys across galaxies to investigate the worst terrorist attack Earth has seen in over 100 years.

Cygnus - 1

An orphaned imperial princess pieces together her identity as she battles a resurrected warlord bent on subjugating her solar system. 

Angels Nine

Former child soldier turned corporate drone struggles to distinguish what is real as she unearths the rot beneath a dystopian paradise.


Forced out of involuntary early retirement, a hitman with a special set of skills must take down an army of biologically engineered super soldiers.


After her father disappears searching for her twin brother, a young regent must fend off conniving nobles and an awakening presence from ages past.